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Door Skin

The Company is Specialized in the Manufacturing as Well as Supplying of Highly Acclaimed Door Skin in the Market. These Skins Doors are Extensively Used to Guard Wooden Doors Against the Fire or Any other such Agents Likely to Damage the Texture. Our Front Door Skin is Available in with the Thickness of 4 Mm. These Plywood Door Skins are Innovatively Designed and Developed Keeping the Global Trend in the Mind. in Addition to this We are One of the Most Reputed Wooden Door Skins Manufacturers in the Country. important Specifications thickness of Door: 32 Mm, 35mm &40mm/ Thickness of Door Skin: 4mm. size of Door: 774 Mm X 2150 Mm, 850 Mm X 2150 Mm and 926 Mm X 2150 Mm size of Door Skin: 900 Mm X 2100 Mm types of Door and Door Skins: 2 Panel, 4 Panel and 6 Panel

Requirement for Raised Panel Fiberboard Skins as per Is: 15380:2003

Sr. NoRequirementsPermissible LimitsMethods of Tests, Ref to IS
1Density, kg/m³> 10002380 (Part 3)
2Moisture content, percent, Max82380 (Part 3)
3Water absorption, percent:After 2 hrsAfter 24 hrs<16<362380 (Part16)
4Swelling in water, percent, Maxa) General absorption, 24 hrsi) Thicknessii) Lengthiii) Widthb) Surface absorptionEN 13329200.700.709> 9500 rev (AC 5; > 6500 rev)2380 (Part17)
5Modulus of rupture, N/mm² Min352380 (Part 4)
6Internal bond strength, N/mm² Min:a) Dry stateb) Wet state (2 hrs boiling)1.00.3
7Immersion in boiling water at 100 ± 3 º C for 4 hrsNo Disintegration
8Formaldehyde emission< 9 mg / 100 g13745

Moulded Raised High Density Fibre (hdf) Panel Doors- Test Parameters and Values as per :is: 4020:199

Sr. No TestRequirements of IS :4020
1Dimensions and Square nessLength width: ± 5 mm Thickness: ± 1 mmSquare ness: 1 mm at a length of 500 mm
2General Flatness< 6.0 mm
3Local Plainness<0.5 mm
4Impact Indentation<0.2 mm
5Flexure TestResidual deflection < 1/ 10th of max. Deflection.Max.Deflection < 1/30th of length & <1/15th of width whichever is less.
6Edge Loading TestMax Deflection < 5.0mmResidual deflection <0.5mmLateral buckling <2.0mm
7Shock Resistance TestShould withstand 5 impacts
8Buckling TestInitial deflection <50 mmRes. deflection <5.0 mm
9Slamming Test100 impact without any damage
10Misuse TestPass
11Varying Humidity TestMax departure from plainness <1 mmRecovery to original size > 90 %
12End Immersion TestNo delamination in one cycle
13Knife TestPass
14Glue Adhesion TestPass
15Screw withdrawal Resistance> 1000 N