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Pinewood Block Board

Pinewood Block Board

The composition of blockboard is very different from other engineered woods such as plywood, MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) or Particle boards. It is made from solid blocks of wood at its core, sandwiched between layers of wood veneer (usually single layer of ply) on both its front and back faces. The difference in the way blockboard is made, gives it interesting characteristics and functionality.

The blockboard core is made from solid blocks of wood that is usually obtained from softwood trees such as pine, mango or cedar. In comparison good quality plywood is often made from veneers obtained from hardwood trees (e.g. Gurjan wood which is very popular in India), and the high quality solid wood that is used in furniture is generally obtained from hardwood trees such as teak wood.

Because hardwood is denser than softwood, its weight is also more. So if you take a piece of plywood or solid wood and compare its weight with a blockboard piece of the same size, you will find that blockboard is lighter in weight.

The advantage of being light-weight is that it can be more easily transported to the end-location. The most common application of this is in the case of doors that we use inside our homes. Doors are very often made from blockboard.

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